Visualizing and Optimizing the Store as a Funnel

Visualizing the customer journey in the context of the store is the foundation for analyzing in-store data. The metrics and the store context provide a framework for translating customer measurement data into something that is immediately understandable as a shopper’s [...]

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It’s all about the Store: Visualizing In-Store Customer Journey Data

Making sense of behavioral data is always a challenge. Suppose I tell you that a shopper visited your store, spent fourteen minutes, lingered twice and had a single Associate interaction. That’s a lot of data, but in most respects, it’s [...]

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Measuring the Store Effectively: Digital Mortar is creating a Measurement Language for Stores

Driving real value with analytics is much harder than people assume. Doing it well requires solving two separate, equally thorny problems. The first – fairly obvious problem – is being able to use data to deepen your understanding of important [...]