Occupancy Alert


Regulate store entry.  Build customer trust.  Re-open stores faster.

Introducing DM Occupancy Alerting for Android & iOS

Maximize customer safety. Minimize operational impact.

Precise real-time occupancy tracking.

Rule based notification triggering.

Message associate persona groups or individually.


Occupancy Alert delivers the features you need to reopen your doors. In the COVID-19 era, building trust with your customers is the key to good experience. Occupancy Alert gives you the tools you need to manage Coronavirus concerns:
  • Realtime.

    A view into the number of people currently within your stores.

  • Alerting.

    Surface occupancy alerts directly and instantly to Associates.

  • Customizable Distribution.

    Specify which roles — managers, sales clerks, stockers, etc. should receive which type of alerts. Or let individuals create their own alert set.

  • Flexible Settings.

    Flexibly assign and change occupancy settings as health guidelines evolve.

Store-wide or Zone Based

In addition to store-wide occupancy management, you can measure and control the population density in key areas of your location(s).

As needed, the system supports zone or area based occupancy alerting. Establish occupancy thresholds for zones within your space and create alerts specific to those areas.

Note zone based alerting will typically involve the installation of additional hardware beyond counters at each entry point.

Hardware Options


Digital Mortar supplies state-of-the-art people tracking cameras from Xovis and Hella. With stereoscopic lenses, wide-area coverage, matrixing capabilities, remote setup, and low-level data feeds, these advanced camera systems provide the foundational data to drive highly accurate (98%+) real time door and zone counting.



Occupancy Alert can integrate with nearly any type of existing door counting hardware you may have in-place – camera, thermal, beam, and RF – that supports real time data.

Our expert engineers will get you stood up with Occupancy Alert without every physically touching your stores.

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