Software Privacy Policy


Last Updated: 27 Feb 2017

This Privacy Policy describes the data collection practices of Digital Mortar software. To view our corporate website privacy policy visit

Digital Mortar software is designed to help retailers understand flow through the physical spaces they own or lease. The information is used to better the in-store experience. Some applications of our software include improving layout, staffing and sales.

Digital Mortar uses passive sensors placed within partner retail locations to collect information, including media access control (MAC), relative signal strength and time, emitted by WiFi enabled devices. The information is aggregated into reports that help partners understand flow within the Digital Mortar enabled location(s). Digital Mortar uses one way hashing, that translates strings into a random array of numbers and letters, to anonymize records containing potentially personal identifiable information, including MAC address. Non-hashed identifiers will only be saved for individuals who have explicitly opted in to such tracking. Opt-in will occur via acceptance of a retail partner’s app privacy policy that describes the specific behavioral measurement taking place or through acceptance of a retail partner’s measurement policy upon login to an in-store WiFi system.

The information collected by Digital Mortar is stored in our secure cloud environment for up to 24 months after the original collection date. Partners access information pertaining to their own properties via a login gated web portal and/or secure API. Data collected in anonymous form will be stored in that manner. Digital Mortar and its partners will never attempt to re-identify data stored anonymously.

Data Sharing
Information collected by Digital Mortar which is not publicly available will not be shared. Digital Mortar clients may only access data collected at locations within their own real estate portfolio. No data in any form, including anonymized aggregations, will be distributed to 3rd party vendors.  Data and information will be shared when required by law, regulatory, legal process or governmental entities. A warrant or court order is required before any data or information is disclosed.

Digital Mortar believes in customer choice and is proud to have built software that is compliant with the Mobile Location Analytics Code of Conduct established by the Future of Privacy Forum. Should you wish to opt out of associating a device with a MAC address, please visit: Digital Mortar will remove any future data transmitted from a registered MAC address.

Additional Assurances
Digital Mortar is committed to being in compliance with all aspects of the Mobile Location Analytics Code of Conduct including, but not limited to, notice, limited collection and customer choice.

All updates to the Digital Mortar software privacy policy will be posted online on

Should any questions arise please contact Digital Mortar at or 1-800-362-2440.