About Us

Digital Mortar is led by some of the leading customer analytics experts in the world. We spent decades optimizing customer experiences and honing the segmentation, journey and analytics techniques to make data understandable and useful. We’ve brought everything we know to the table in crafting DM’s unique approach to building the ultimate in-store measurement system.

Gary Angel

Founder & CEO

Jesse Gross

Founder & CAO


What is the Product, exactly?

A full SaaS in-store customer tracking system that includes video and camera tracking customized to your stores/scale, robust cloud-based data collection and integration of internal (PoS) and external (weather) data, and a rich, business-focused set of reports to drive store layout, merchandising, and staff optimization.

What makes it different?

More robust and accurate data collection that uses integrated camera and wifi to optimize measurement. An ability to scale across your stores – economically. Integration of store planogram data and key external data sources like weather. Vastly superior reporting that focuses on real business issues. And full access to your low-level data.

How do you collect the data?

We integrate best-of-breed video and wifi tracking systems. Why? Video provides highly accurate entrance counting and customer type identification. Wifi, especially if tuned and custom-implemented for measurement, provides better store journey tracking. Together, they can provide a more complete measurement solution that also scales more economically across stores.

What makes this better?

It’s the analytics and reporting. If you’ve ever tried to use any of the existing systems, you know they are pretty much data dumps. And the data isn’t that great. Based on our deep experience in customer analytics, we’ve built a thoughtful report suite that tackles real business problems and drives to actual decisions. It includes important external data and powerful segmentation capabilities.

What are the reports?

Our reports cover store performance, store layout, and staff optimization. We track how different stores are performing: overall, by category and by customer type. For store layout, we analyze top draws, exit points, key corridors, and queue points – all segmented by customer type. Staff analytics cover overall and team performance, scheduling gaps and opportunities, and optimal engagement strategies.

Do I get the data?

Yep. We clean it, process it, and append the key stuff. Then we give you a feed. So you have access to the real detail. Not just csv files with reporting cubes. Every classified tracking point, fully cleaned and fully documented. You own your data (but you’ll love our reporting too).

How much does it cost?

This is enterprise software. A single store PoC will range from $30k to $50k. That includes full hardware installation, setup and reporting, and an initial overview analysis. Typical hardware installation fees for subsequent stores are under $10K/store (varying by store size and configuration). The SaaS reporting and data feed is volume based (by number of stores) and ranges from $3k to $20k per month.

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