Customer journey tracking is a powerful new data source for helping you optimize the management of your physical space (from TSA Security lines to terminal walkways to Retail), operations and supporting staff. You can measure shoppers complete journey or you can measure just selected key points along the way. For airports, both full journey and point and point measurement drive valuable findings and optimizations.

Measuring the end to end passenger journey gives you exposure into where and how long passengers waited in lines, what shops and restaurants they visited, what people did during delays and how that compares to behavior of travelers with on-time departures.

For a lot of location level analytics use cases, however, point measurement will suffice. If you know the queue times at key chokepoints you can infer overall journey times and can use the data to optimize each point.

Where “point” measurement is practical, it opens up solutions like camera and dedicated sniffers that might be too expensive to use if you need to cover the entire facility. For any large space, this trade-off between point solutions and true journey measurement is going to be critical and we can help you find the best overall solution.

It starts with a use case to ensure that measurement brings positive change.


Use behavioral analytics at your airport to optimize the traveler experience, meet TSA obligations, and optimize revenue and workforce allocation:

  • Real-time queue measurement and management
  • Queue and pain point predictive analytics based on upstream passenger volumes and behavior
  • Satisfaction drivers identification
  • Join of customer behavior and voice with mobile surveys
  • Behavioral customer segmentation and volume tracking
  • Advanced heatmapping by volume, time spent, employee to passenger ratio and more
  • Congestion pain point reduction
  • Staffing optimization
  • In airport promotion effectiveness measurement

We’re the right partner to succeed with analytics


Why Digital Mortar

We’re the world’s leading experts in customer journey analytics AND we have the best technology platform (DM1) in the world for understanding on-location journeys and how to improve. That’s a winning combination.

Almost as important, we work with a broad array of measurement technologies that are conducive for airport environments – many that you might already have in place. We won’t shove a specific collection technology down your throat or make you buy equipment you don’t need.

If you have questions about choosing the right technology, deploying it, or building customer journey analysis for your unique set of problems, drop us a line!

Ready to improve efficiency AND traveler experience through journey measurement?