Inexpensive Occupancy Management
for Colleges and Universities

The cheapest, best solution for Occupancy Management and safe Covid-19 re-opening.

Real-time occupancy. Accurate people counting. App-based Alerting. Incredibly low price.

Google Analytics Occupancy

The Best Behavioral Analytics Software in the World – Paired with the Best People-Counting Cameras
Door Counting Camera

State-of-the-Art Data Collection

Stereoscopic cameras deliver highly-accurate real-time people-counting data. With advanced features like zone-counting, dwell-times, gender and height classification.

Door Counting Analytics

State-of-the-Art Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular (and most revered) behavioral analytics product in the world. It delivers remarkable ease-of-use to millions of everyday users plus all the analytics sophistication you need.

People Counting Analytics

Real-time, Occupancy, Facility Visit Time

Just a few of the advanced features you get with our GA-Based People-Counting Product.


And did we mention that it’s really, really cheap?

Price Matters More than Ever

The challenges of re-opening are formidable. You’re being asked to monitor occupancy and safe-distancing in a complex campus environment. But it’s not as if you’re getting any new budget – finances are tighter than they’ve ever been. So yes, you need new technology that lets you reopen your campus safely. But what else do you need? To save money.

Google Analytics Occupancy is architected to SAVE YOU MONEY and provide the critical safety information and alerting you need to keep students and employees safe.

It has all the features you need at HALF the price (or less) of any other people-counting and occupancy solution. Inexpensive has never felt so good.

  • 50% (or more) off your current people-counting bill (or competitive quote)

    It doesn’t matter what your current hardware/system is. We’ll cut your monthly platform bill in half or we won’t take the job. And if you don’t have an existing system – we’ll cut any competitive platform cost quote in half.

  • Minimal Upfront

    We’ll EVEN fund the cameras for you (on zero interest 3 year leases). So you get the system you need RIGHT NOW without capital investment you don’t have budget for.

  • Priced Per Building not Per Sensor

    Need two cameras to cover your Student Union entrance? Have 3 or fewer or entrances. It’s one flat rate for Google Analytics Occupancy for all but the most complex buildings. Other vendors charge per sensor. Across a campus, that means a lot more expense for the same basic capability.

  • App-Based Real-time Occupancy

    As a Digital Mortar customer you get our real-time IoS/Android Occupancy App. For free. With zone-based alerting that keeps you on top of every aspect of occupancy in every building and every area.

Door Counting Camera

Accurate People Counting is a Must Have for your Campus

By using the best people-counting cameras, we ensure that your occupancy counts are accurate and reliable. Otherwise, what’s the point? Variance is usually less than 1% – making it as or more accurate than human counting. Accurate enough to rely on. Fast enough to use.

  • Hardware Matters

    We use Xovis and Hella stereoscopic cameras – legendary for their people-counting accuracy. You can’t make good orange juice without good oranges. We use the best.

  • Smarts Make a Difference

    Our Azure Cloud back-end is sophisticated and smart enough to take full advantage of the underlying data and deliver you the numbers you need almost before the student is in the door.

  • Experience You Can Count On

    We’ve executed door-counting in all sorts of complex environments. We have the experience to help you get the system setup right and make sure it keeps right.

  • Google Delivered Reliability

    Google Analytics has the polish only the finest software company in the world can deliver after more than decade of work. It’s constantly improving. Beautiful. Fast. Trusted by millions. A joy to use.

Advanced Features are a Bonus for your College or University

A campus is like a city. It’s a complex and challenging environment to keep safe and operating well. And Covid-19 and the social distancing requirements that come along with it just make it that much harder. Price and accuracy are the core value proposition fueling Google Analytics Occupancy for Colleges and Universities. It’s built in a streamlined fashioned to deliver exactly what you need right now for as little cost as possible.

Fortunately, some pretty nice features come baked in with our extensive people-counting and people-measurement experience.

Door Counting Analytics
  • Realtime

    Both Web and App-based. Entrances and exits typically show up within a second or two.

  • Occupancy and Time-in-Library

    Sophisticated processing and algorithms ensure that you get accurate, up-to-the-second occupancy counts delivered via Web or App. We even tell you average visit duration – great for helping you develop community service KPIs and understand building occupancy patterns.

  • Day-Time Parting

    Few environments have as complex day-time usage patterns as a campus. We provide analytic tools that help you identify occupancy patterns by day of week, time of day, and even across specialized periods.

  • Two Apps to Choose From

    Use Google’s really fine (5-Star App-Store Rated) GA App. Free of course. Or use Digital Mortar’s fine-tuned Occupancy App to add real-time alerting and patron messaging. Free of course. So why not use both?

Real Time Occupancy

What’s Google Analytics (and why use it)?

Google developed Google Analytics (GA) as a free tool for digital marketers. In the past fifteen years, it’s become the single most popular analytics tool around. It’s legendary for it’s ease of use – and with millions of users – it has to be.

By pre-processing advanced camera people-counting and leveraging GA, you get the most reliable camera data with all the flexibility and integration of a world-class analytics tool supported and maintained by the best software company in the world.

  • Remarkable Ease of Use and Power

    Google Analytics is the de facto standard in digital analytics for a reason. It’s elegant, beautiful, flexible and extraordinarily easy to use. It’s also very powerful and robust.

  • Store and Digital Data Together

    There’s a good chance you already use GA on your Website. By adding campus data, you can integrate physical and digital data into a single reporting system. That saves you money and makes life easier and better all around. What’s more, there’s a better than even chance that you already have GA expertise on your team – so nothing new to learn!

  • Why is it so cheap?

    Google provides GA for free to encourage people to do more marketing. By taking advantage of Google Analytics, we leverage world-class software and eliminate one of the major cost-drivers in people-counting – supporting a bunch of custom UI software.

  • Need Even More?

    Combine Occupancy with our full enterprise Door Count software or tools from our extensive people measurement suite.

Expandable to Meet Broader Facility and Campus Needs

The current crisis has created all sorts of unique short-term demands on people-counting and safe-distancing. You need a system that works now. But one that keeps working for you as things gradually return to normal.

Google Analytics Occupancy for Colleges and Universities is part of the Digital Mortar people-measurement suite – ensuring that you can grow and expand your capabilities as needed.

Display Measurement
  • Seamlessly Upgrade to Our Custom Software

    Digital Mortar’s custom Door Count software contains features not found in our GA integration including forecasting, integrated weather, bespoke data visualizations, additional dashboarding capabilities and (optional) campus store and/or labor integrations. For many the GA offering will give you all the data you even need, but if you determine you wish to upgrade we make it fast and easy.

  • Advanced Queue Management

    Why stop at door? We bring the same sophisticated people-measurement to bear on queue management. Including predictive alerting and gamification. This is great tool for improving food service, athletic events and other common campus queue situations.

  • Full Journey Measurement

    Track every aspect of the campus experience and design. Understanding facility usage patterns is critical to improving operational efficiency, tracking safe distancing, and ensuring a safe and productive student environment. We integrate labor tracking too — so you can improve staff allocations and labor models.

  • Display Optimization

    Experience is a key part of the modern college experience. Digital Mortar’s unique Display Optimization solution lets you accurately test & measure the performance of key areas and new aspects of your campus.

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