Our Journey


Here’s a little bit about our journey because we think…


Our “Origin” story tells you a lot about who we are

  • 1997 Started one of the first web analytics consultancies in the world.
    Freakin 1997!
  • 2002 Barely survived the Dotcom crash
    Learned some hard lessons about garbage measurement
  • 2011 Grew to be the largest digital analytics consultancy in the U.S.
    We led the industry and developed many of the key methods for digital analytics
  • 2013 Acquired by Ernst & Young and led the Digital Analytics Center of Excellence
    Realized that making analytics matter was more important than making analytics
  • 2015 First consulting engagements in Shopper Location Analytics
    This stuff is JUST LIKE WEB ANALYTICS… circa 1997
  • 2016 Founded Digital Mortar
    One of the first location analytics platform companies in the world

We Saw a Need


Our history is in consulting, so why didn’t we build another consulting company? You can’t deliver good professional services without capable tools. And there weren’t any. We found data collection technologies paired to late ‘90s software designed by folks lacking any idea about what makes analytics matter. Bad data. Bad metrics. Bad visualizations.

If you’ve bought any of those tools, you know what we mean!

We grew up in digital analytics right alongside fantastic enterprise class tools from companies like Adobe and Google. We didn’t want to go back to square one. We saw an opportunity to combine our product knowledge with our analytics expertise and deliver technology that got it right. With DM1, we leap-frogged 15 years of digital analytics history to drive location analytics to the next level.

Here's who we are...



Meet our CEO

Gary Angel

  • 1961 Born, Indiana boy
    That explains the gray hairs
  • 1983 Graduated from Duke University with a Degree in Philosophy
    Why? Just why.
  • 1987 Led IT for the largest Democratic Political Direct Mail company in the U.S.
    Early experience in selling my soul / First exposure to analytics
  • 1991 Building Real-time analytics software for Commodity Training
    Bitten by Startup Bug and moved to SF / Deep-dive into advanced analytics
  • 1993 Consulting in Credit Card Marketing
    First time bringing analytics to marketing problems
  • 1995 Sonoma Winery Site
    Bitten by the Internet bug
  • 1997 Founded Semphonic
    Bringing analytics to digital
  • 2013 EY Acquisition
    Like most acquisitions, satisfying and challenging
  • 2016 Wrote Measuring the Digital World (FT Press)
    THE book on how to do digital analytics
  • 2016 Founded Digital Mortar

Our Chief Analytics Officer

Jesse Gross

  • 1984 Born, In San Francisco, California
    And I’m still here today
  • 2006 Graduated with an Econ degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington
    Yes, it’s fun to say.
  • 2006 Hired as a junior digital analyst at Semphonic
    I was Gary’s second choice, but the first went to work at a bank
  • 2010 Promoted to Semphonic’s Vice President of Analytics
    We had grown by 5x and someone had to run the West Coast team
  • 2013 Became a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young
    Lead digital testing, VoC, social media projects for sophisticated retailers
  • 2016 Founded Digital Mortar