Shopper Journey Tracking



Retail Customer Journey Tracking

Case Study

A global apparel brand wanted to identify the sections in their direct to consumer stores where staff added the most value.

Installed and calibrated sensors to track the end to end customer (and associate) in-store journey.

When there are 7 or more customers per associate in the shoe section, shoe conversion drops significantly.

Staffing model (scheduling and positioning) improvements were implementing resulting in a multimillion net revenue gain.

What it does

DM1 tracks full customer journeys. Accurately. Our system seamlessly measures and blends shopper, associate and PoS data.

Getting the data right is critical. We integrate best-of-breed data collection technologies, calibrate the initial implementation and use machine learning and advanced analytics to clean the resulting data.

Measurement is cost-effective and capable of scaling fleet-wide with streamlined installation and low maintenance.

Shopper Journey Analytics

End to end customer journeys.

Digital Mortars

Logically distilled into bespoke visualizations and metrics.

Store Analytics

To enable powerful analytics, optimizations and a deeper understanding of your stores.


DM1 has turnkey integrations for camera, wifi, Bluetooth and app based measurement. Each of our hardware options have tradeoffs between cost/scalability, positional accuracy, omnichannel join opportunities and share of population captured.

Instead of adopting a one one size fits all hardware approach, we recognize the uniqueness of environments, use cases and budgets.

In some case existing infrastructure can be leveraged. In all cases hardware decisions are critical and complex. Luckily we are experts — who love to chat.

People Counting Camera
  • Camera

    Edge based 3D analytics cameras stich together detailed person movement patterns.

  • WiFi

    Uses DM proprietary machine learning to passively map the journey of most WiFi enabled devices.

  • App

    Embed code into an existing customer or associate application to immediately enable tracking.

  • Bluetooth

    Beacon carts, baskets, assets or associates to measure their journey.

Retail Customer Journey Measurement


DM1’s robust metric set covers store performance and customer journey.

Measure every aspect of the store: traffic, engagement efficiency, conversion efficiency, and even interaction lift.

Then take measurement down to the shopper journey: draws, engagement points, interaction points, conversion drivers and even exit points.


Our reporting shows you exactly what’s happening inside the store. What draws shoppers. What loses them. Where your store works. Where it doesn’t.

For any time period, season, time-of-day and shopper segment.

Shopper Journey Optimization
Associate Analytics


DM1 is built to drive meaningful decisions and change:

Advanced segmentation zeroes in on your key shopper populations.

Flexible store-funnels show you how shoppers navigate and where they fall out.

Side-by-side comparisons highlight improvements.

Slice any report by time, store, layout, shopper segment and AB test.

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