A stadium is like a like a compact city whose entire population ingresses and egresses over a four-to-five-hour period. There are queues everywhere, complex customer experience challenges, and numerous opportunities for journey optimization and revenue enhancement. It’s a challenging – but incredibly rewarding – environment to measure.

Are you ready to change the game?


Uses of behavioral analytics for arenas are broad and powerful - including both fan-based CRM and stadium design/operational improvement:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enrichment
  • Queue measurement and management
  • Optimizing placement of mobile concessions and experiential elements
  • Stadium staffing optimization
  • In event promotion effectiveness measurement
  • Congestion pain point reduction
  • Join of customer behavior and voice with mid or after event surveys

Your best customers represent the biggest opportunity


Your regulars and season-ticket holders are enormously important; heavy consumers and key influencers, they effectively control access to one of the most loyalty enhancing experiences there is – going to a game. Chances are, there’s a huge gap in your CRM database: understanding how ticket-holders actually use their tickets! Do they attend every game? Most games? Do they bring the same people or different folks every-time? Do they bring family, friends or business associates? Are they heavy spenders in stadium? Are there particular teams they like to see?

We are pushing the envelope with a focus on adding (immediate) value.


Why Digital Mortar

We can help you fill that CRM gap and use the data effectively to build loyalty, improve the stadium experience, and drive increased per-customer revenue.

We’re the world’s leading experts in customer journey analytics AND we have the best technology platform (DM1) in the world for understanding on-location journeys and how to improve. That’s a winning combination.

Almost as important, we work with a broad array of measurement technologies that are well-suited to arena environments – many that you might already have in place. We won’t shove a specific collection technology down your throat or make you buy equipment you don’t need.

If you have questions about choosing the right technology, deploying it, or building customer journey analysis for your unique set of problems, drop us a line!!