People Counting with DM


Introducing DM Door Count

A powerful, enterprise grade insight engine for your physical environments.

Count footfalls, door counts, and traffic in real time at your store

Store Testing Technology

Create an array of powerful reports for yourself, your team or your entire organization with just a few clicks.

Associate Optimization

Build, customize, share and schedule performance dashboards.

Digital Mortar

Use the Custom Builder to create ANY dimensional report on the fly.

Modern Features

DM Door Count delivers everything you need for the most advanced measurement of opportunity and usage.

People Tracking Camera
  • Forecasting.

    Embedded forecasting models show the future, assess performance and intelligently fill in data gaps.

  • AI generated insights.

    Let our AI surface the information you need to know.  Everything from when your  understaffed to which campaign performed the best.

  • Realtime traffic.

    See all your environments right now.  The lightning fast interface can trend your last decade or reveal your last minute.

  • Unlimited API & full data access.

    It’s your data.  Access, analyze and archive it however you please.  Our UI, API or automated dashboards can appease everyone from executive to data scientist.

Door Counting Software

Numerous Data Integrations

Integrate the data you need to extend the value of out-of-the-box door counting. Customized data visualizations and calculated key performance indicators bring performance, and the underlying factors that drive it, into plain sight:

  • Point of Sale
  • Staffing
  • Weather
  • Event/marketing calendar
  • Store hours
  • Satisfaction/voice of customer

Exceptionally Easy Interface

Get started in minutes. Built for every level of the organization with customized, personal dashboarding to satisfy the needs of store and site managers, operations staff, marketing teams and analytics professionals.

  • Straightforward report and dashboard creation
  • Responsive design — from massive monitor to smartphone
  • Fast performance and frictionless access to your data
  • Share and schedule with ease
  • Flexible permission and access level
  • Custom builder to instantly create ANY dimensional report
Store Testing Technology
People Tracking Camera

State-of-the-art Hardware


Digital Mortar supplies state-of-the-art people tracking cameras from Xovis and Hella. With stereoscopic lenses, wide-area coverage, matrixing capabilities, remote setup, and low-level data feeds, these advanced camera systems provide the foundational data to drive highly accurate (98%+) door counting and advanced analytics capabilities. Because we don’t just deliver counts, Digital Mortar adds – out of the box at no extra charge – measurement of shopper groups, flow direction and gender break-outs. It’s everything you need for the most advanced measurement of opportunity and usage.



A feed can be ingested from nearly any type of legacy door counting hardware you may have in-place – camera, thermal, beam, and RF – to allow your organization to begin using the Digital Mortar platform immediately or to help facilitate a smooth migration.

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