Simple, Seamless SMS-Based Virtual Queuing

Qme: Virtual Queuing AND Occupancy Management

Qme is a simple, seamless solution for almost any kind of virtual queue. Based on our industry-leading occupancy management and queue analytics, Qme makes line management painless for you AND your customers.

Qme SMS Based Virtual Queuing

Customers send an SMS to a Qme custom location identifier. Qme checks current occupancy and tells them to head right over or issues them a place in line and an estimated wait time.

Qme Virtual Queuing Solution

Customers never have to queue. They can spend their wait time however they like – including shopping at your store.

Qme Virtual Queueing and Occupancy Management

Qme keeps shoppers informed. Customers start with an estimated wait time, see the queue length, get warning messages when it’s almost their turn, and are told when to head over. Qme is the no boredom, no anxiety queuing and line management solution.

Qme Handles ANY Type of Line

QMe handles almost any line type: from full virtual queues to hybrid models to curbside-pickup to counter-service to notify-when-ready and even reservation or fast-pass like systems. Almost any type of line in almost any type of business can use Qme to advantage.

People Counting Camera
  • Full Virtual Queues

    Eliminate lines entirely and support fully virtual queuing using SMS. It’s easy, practical and incredibly convenient for your customers. And because Qme constantly monitors the current occupancy, it’s a totally hands-off queue management solution. It’s also the perfect solution for high-scale queues – making it a great way to manage Covid-19 vaccination sign-up.

  • FIFO / Counter Serves

    It’s incredibly easy to manage multiple stations or a work-order based system with Qme. Whether there’s one worker or a hundred, Qme manages the queue, let’s people know the estimated wait time, and directs them to the correct station. Seamlessly.

  • Notify-When-Ready

    For curbside pickup, prescriptions or other task-based waits, Qme supports a simple Notify-when-ready model that lets your customers shop or do their own thing while they wait. When your staff finishes their order, they get pinged.

  • Hybrid Virtual and Real-World Queues

    Do you need to manage a physical line AND a virtual line? Qme supports that too – letting you pick the strategy for alternating between the two and automatically maintaining the virtual queue and estimated wait times.

Qme Virtual Queuing Supports Retail, Restaurants, Stadiums, Gyms, Pools, Government Offices and More


Because Qme supports almost any kind of line, it also supports almost any kind of business. Qme is perfect for:

  • Private Gyms and Pools
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Destination restaurants
  • College Dining Halls
  • Events
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Counter-Service Locations
  • Customer Support Desks
  • Government Offices

Qme provides elegant, simple, inexpensive virtual queuing.

Seamless Deployment

What do you need to deploy Qme? Almost nothing.

Occupancy-based configurations require an IoT people-measurement camera for occupancy tracking.

Notify-When-Ready and Station-Based Lines  require your employees have Web or Mobile access (also available via API for integration into existing systems).

You may want physical or digital signage. That’s about it.

And what do your customer’s need? Absolutely nothing but their phone. No App required. No downloads. No work at all.

Qme Virtual Queuing SMS-Based for Easy Integration
Qme Virtual Queuing with Realtime Occupancy


$1 / per day


Qme Standalone: $1 per day per queue.

Qme + Occupancy Management: $2 per day per queue + any necessary hardware


  • Seamless, No Integration SMS Virtual Queuing

    Powerful queue management with no App or integration necessary. It’s incredibly easy for you AND your customers

  • Realtime Occupancy Management

    Qme works better than other virtual queuing solutions because it knows realtime occupancy and physical line length

  • Any kind of queue

    Virtual queues, mixed queues, counter-service, station-based service, notify when ready or reservation systems, Qme handles it.

  • Any kind of business

    QMe handles college dining halls, restaurants, luxury gyms/pools, customer service, government buildings and even stadiums.

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