Digital Mortar's DM1 Analytics Platform:

Measurement that brings the power of digital analytics to your stores

Without DM1

Without DM1

The shopper experience
is a mystery

With DM1

With DM1

Every path and
customer is illuminated

Here is how we do it

Our Pillars


Measure journeys,
not counts

Digital Mortar's DM1 measures the complete SHOPPER journey. What they did first. What they looked at. Whether they purchased. If they talked to an Associate. What worked. What didn't. Every step of the way and for every part of the store. Because it's shoppers that matter - not zone counts.


Treat the store
as a funnel

DM1 lets you analyze every part of the store as a funnel – just the way e-commerce sites do. It’s a powerful, proven method for driving optimization with analytics. DM1 breaks down every part of the shopper journey for any part of the store to see where drop-off occurs.


Drive continuous improvement with testing

This is what the big boys do. It’s what makes Amazon, Amazon. DM1 lets you measure tests with side-by-side visualizations across any metric, any time-period, any segment. See what changed and by exactly how much. So you know which test won - and why...

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You have arrived at the future
of retail analytics