Digital Mortar Provides...

  • Traffic Counting
  • Display Measurement
  • Queue Management
  • Full-Store Analytics
Traffic Counting with the Insight Brick

Door Counting...

Ho Hum?

Not when we do it....

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Everything you need to know about the Insight Brick from the reporting it provides to how inexpensive it is...

The Best Counting Technologies
Incredible Analytics
Powerful Integrations (Free)
Low Cost per Location
Display and Experience Measurement
Use Existing LP or Measurement-dedicated Cameras
Measure How Shoppers Flow Through an Area
See Where and How Often Interactions Happen
And Test What Works Best

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Everything you need to know about the DisplayBrick from how it works to what it costs...

Machine-learning analytics of individual experiences. From usage rates to interactions to SKU-level performance.

Queue Management and Gamification
It starts with detailed, highly accurate line counting
Adds alerting and neural modelling to predict when lines will grow
And adds gamification to make queues disappear faster!

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Everything you need to know about the QueueBrick from the powerful line forecasting techniques to the unique fun of gamification.

Any camera can count a queue. But Digital Mortar brings ML-smarts to queue management. Sophisticated real-time line forecasting so you can solve queue problems before they happen, real-time manager alerting, and custom apps to gamify and improve line throughput.

Full Shopper Journey Measurement
Blended Geo-Location Shopper Measurement using Camera and Electronics
Seamlessly Integrated with Every Aspect of the Store, from PoS to Weather to Labor
To See What Works, What Doesn't and What to Change

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Everything you need to know about the power of full-store journey tracking from implementation strategies to use-cases.

Comprehensive, integrated shopper journey measurement that combines everything from the weather outside, the detailed shopper journey, and the results at PoS into a single, powerful SaaS analytics tool.