Use DM1 to boost profitability in your stores

Optimization starts with the basic blocking and tackling of good retail

Making the store better

Improved Layout

Maximize sales per square foot, boost cross-sell and optimize seasonal sales with better layout planning. When you understand how shoppers behave, you can make the store better.

Better Promotions

Test and measure the immediate and full-store impact of signage and promotions. Continuous, incremental testing yields significant over-time improvement.

Queue Management

Measure the real-world impact of queues and Associate wait times. These have real bottom-line impact and can be improved with better real-time intelligence.

And continues with the human side


DM1 is just as powerful looking at the store through the lens of the Associate. It lets you improve every aspect of when and where you position associates, the contact and scripting strategies you train them with, and even the type of associates you hire.

  • Staffing gaps identification
  • Associate impact on conversion
  • Real time associate alerting
  • Measuring associate apps
  • Ideal associate profile analysis
  • Training impact and effectiveness

But there’s so much more to measurement


Experience matters. A lot.

These days, customers don’t need to shop in-store. You have to make them want to come to your stores. That means delivering a better shopping experience. More engaging. More fun. More personal.

Measuring that is all about the shopper journey not the cart.

When you re-design your stores, add in food or entertainment, push a new mobile app, or build out a cool in-store digital experience, can you measure the impact on the shopper journey?

DM1 delivers:

  • Queue measurement & management
  • Concept store experience analysis
  • Customer behavioral segmentation
  • Digital/experiential element integration
  • Store redesign impact

And can you take that information all the way down the individual shopper…


We call it the omni-channel join. It’s the ultimate welding of in-store shopping behavior to the full CRM record. What the shopper looked at but didn’t buy. What they passed by but didn’t engage with. It’s powerful customer data that turns showrooming into a data advantage.

DM1 helps you join customer journeys at key contact points – from mobile app to PoS. DM1 measures the store customer journey with the same detail as the digital customer journey. And provides a full customer level data feed. It’s the most complete 360 customer view possible.

Go ahead, let your marketing imagination run wild…

  • Personalization
  • Display Retargeting
  • Loyalty programs