Welcome to the World of Modern, Fully-Customizable, Dashboarding


It starts with the BEST counting foundation

Xovis Cameras Provide State of the Art People Counting

Accurate Traffic Counting

The InsightBrick uses state-of-the-art people tracking cameras from Xovis and Hella. With stereoscopic lenses, wide-area coverage, matrixing capabilities, remote setup, and low-level data feeds, they provide us with the foundational data to drive highly accurate (98%+) door counting and advanced analytics capabilities. Because we don’t just deliver counts. The InsightBrick adds – right out of the box and for no extra charge – measurement of shopper groups, flow direction and even gender break-outs. It’s everything you need for the most advanced measurement of opportunity and usage.

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Practically Perfect People Counting supports Better Reporting



The Insight Brick brings modern dashboarding to the traffic counting world. What does that mean?

  • Completely flexible layouts
  • Ridiculously Easy Report Creation
  • Responsive design from Massive Monitor to Smartphone
  • Intelligent Annotations of Every Report
  • Incredibly Fast Performance and Frictionless Access to your Data

Along with the capability to GET ANY ANSWER YOU NEED


Advanced Traffic Analytics

The InsightBrick does a lot more than count. From real-time to forecasting, it helps you understand what happened, what’s happening right now, and what will happen in the future.

  • Custom Report Builder to Build ANY Dimensional Report
  • Realtime views of Traffic Data
  • Data Granulatrity Down to 10 Minute Periods FOR ANY HISTORICAL DATA
  • Advanced Time-Series Forecasting and Comparison to Expected vs. Actual


Seamless Integration (In and Out) Supports Endless Growth


Your Connected to Everything You Need

Not only can you get your PoS and Labor data into the InsightBrick, it seamlessly supports your advanced analytics needs in Tableau, PowerBI or your data lake.

  • Full unlimited API access to ALL Your Data
  • Full data feeds at no additional cost
  • Automatic (Free) integration of Weather
  • Optional Integration of POS Data
  • Optional Integration of Labor Data

And the Ability to Expand Beyond the Door