Digital Mortar's Professional Services

Led by the team that built Semphonic, Ernst & Young’s Digital Analytics Center of Excellence, and the analytics engine powering DM1, we are uniquely positioned to tackle the complex customer optimization challenges that span digital, mobile, social, call and physical mediums. We know digital. We know store. We know omni-channel. And we really know analytics. From data integration with location analytics to omni-channel segmentation and personalization to advanced customer modeling, we can help you drive your business forward.

Working with you to Drive DM1

DM1 Support

Pairing high-performance software with professional drivers just makes sense. We know every nook and cranny of the system and the data. And we know more about store behavioral analytics than anyone in the world. We can help you build custom DM1 reports tailored to solving your key business concerns. Or use DM1 to solve specific problems around store design, experience optimization, store experimentation or labor allocation and forecasting.

Blending Digital and Store experiences

Customer Journey & Omni-Channel

The real customer 360 view is a blending of digital and store experience. It’s not easy. We can help you integrate data both: everything from how to encourage self-identification, manage PII appropriately, integrate across multiple channels and even incorporate 3rd Party data into the mix. Most of all, we can help you figure out WHAT DATA MATTERS and WHAT TO DO WITH IT. We are hands-on experts in targeted marketing, personalization, and customer experience optimization.

Transforming your enterprise with analytics

Digital & Analytics Transformation

The hardest part of getting value from analytics isn’t doing analytics. It’s getting your organization to USE the analytics you do. We’ve spent nearly two decades helping large enterprises do AND use analytics to drive real change. We know it’s hard. But we have an arsenal of tactics that can help you build your in-house analytics capabilities, create an effective analytics culture, and match the right people to good processes and great technology.

Need a few specifics?

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Maximize sales per square foot, boost cross-sell and optimize seasonal sales with better layout planning. When you understand how shoppers behave, you can make the Store better.

Cloud-based Analytics & Data Integration

Building DM1, we’ve learned a ton about what it takes to drive effective cloud-based analytics and data integration at the highest level. At the same time, we know that bespoke store analytics isn’t everything you need. And we can help you bring your full customer, digital and store data to the cloud or to an on-premise analytics warehouse of your own.

Analytics Strategy

It takes senior leadership to work with senior leadership. We have the enterprise experience, strategic smarts, and hands-on knowledge it takes to help you effectively craft and sell an analytics and transformation strategy in the organization. Analytics strategy is all about getting you setup to succeed.

Testing & Experimentation

Our years in digital taught us the critical importance of experimentation as the single most essential element in effective analytics transformation. Without a willingness and ability to test, measure and improve, you simply don’t have an effective analytics program. We can help you design tests that matter, smooth the process to implementation and (of course) measure what worked and what didn’t to drive continuous improvement.

But making other people’s expertise useful is surprisingly hard. It takes…

A Special Kind of Commitment


Do you trust your consultants to give you the right advice no matter how it impacts their sales strategy? Do you trust them to tell you what they don’t know? If not, can you really trust their advice? We don’t think so. We believe a relentless commitment to the truth is what makes a great analyst and a great consultant.


You can always pay people money and they’ll happily tell you what you want to hear. That’s not our idea of good analytics or good consulting. We’ll tell you what you need to know. Hard truths. Objective interpretations of the data. Real advice. Unflinchingly given to any level of the organization.

Willingness to Listen

Sure, like most consultants, we talk a pretty good game. But talk to us, and you’ll find something a little bit different. We like listening too. We know there’s always more to learn. And we never assume your problem is the same one we tackled last week or last month.

Hard Work

It would sure be nice if making things work right wasn’t always so darn hard. But that’s just the way the world seems to work. So it’s lucky we love analytics enough that we’re willing to put in the necessary effort.

Unparalleled expertise and really great people make for a very different kind of consulting partnership.