DM1 lets you explore the store like never before.

It starts with the shopper



All customers are not the same. New shoppers. Loyal shoppers. Leisurely browsers on weekends. Focused weekday evening shoppers. Clearance shoppers. Brand buyers. They’re all distinct. Each has different needs, challenges and opportunities. DM1 gives you the ability to easily see the store in aggregate or isolate specific customer types.

Every metric, every view can be segmented by any combination of:

  • What customers shopped for
  • Level of engagement
  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Events/sales

Now analyze those shopper journeys step-by-step.



Where do you lose shoppers? Do interactions drive sales? Are cross-sells a distraction? Funnel analysis lets you ask and answer the questions that drive store optimization. DM1’s funnel tool lets you measure every step of the way for every aspect of the store to optimize each customer journey.


And compare stores, dates and segments to see what drives performance



We enable deep analytics and AB testing by letting you compare:

  • Customer segments
  • Stores
  • Seasons
  • Days of the week
  • Times of day

Across every DM1 reporting view.

Because finding and understanding what drives different performance drives testing opportunities


Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the secret to driving business value. It’s what made great digital companies such formidable competitors. They measure everything. They test everything. They get better every day. Now you can too.

DM1 gives you the measurement you need to optimize store layout, store merchandising, customer campaigns, and associate performance. Every aspect of the store/customer journey it can be improved.