Getting Data Right

We think good in-store customer journey data collection
has to be:

  • Accurate: Able to place the shopper at the display level of the store
  • Journey-Based: See the end-to-end shopper journey not just counts by zone
  • Comprehensive: Measure most shoppers not just mobile app users or those connected to wifi
  • Cost-Efficient: Reasonable for large stores and scalable across a large number of stores or even fleet-wide
  • Reliable: Enough to be deployed and easily maintained in many stores and large footprints

Sure, but how do you do that?



Digital Mortar can leverage existing wifi, cameras or apps for full journey measurement.


Passive Sniffers, however, deliver a unique blend of accuracy and affordability that make them our most commonly deployed solution.


What These Are

  • Dedicated measurement devices the size of a credit card
  • Tracking smart phones
  • Passively without any connection requirement
  • Costing less than $200 per device

What they Do

  • That track the entire customer journey
  • Including most iPhones
  • At an accuracy down to 1.5 meters or better.
  • With easy installation, high reliability, and NO store impact

Want to learn about the installation process?

Getting Started

There are lots of choices for data collection, each with their own pros and cons.

Collection Hardware Comparison

No in-store shopper tracking technology is perfect. We're committed to finding the right solution based on your space, existing equipment, budget and measurement needs. That may require multiple technologies in combination or different solutions for different locations/functions. Our only goal is to architect the most effective, easy-to-implement, and cost-efficient solution that will meet your needs.

Sniffer Wifi Camera App
Capture Rate
Location Accuracy
Journey Tracking

We architect these technologies to track Associates as well as Shoppers and use advanced analytics to make sure we get it right...


Associate Tracking

  • Seamless Associate Tracking with high positional accuracy and ping rate
  • Easy Compliance
  • Tracking options/flexibility: Store issued hardware, DM issued devices, Personal devices
  • Push Mechanisms

All of which enables DM1’s incredible reporting and analytics



  • Where customers (and staff) go in the store
  • What they look at and interact with
  • How much time they spend
  • Whether they talked with associates
  • If they successfully convert/buy


  • Full path
  • Accurate
  • CRM join capable
  • Automated
  • Cost efficient
  • Scalable
  • An unparalleled quantitative experience measurement solution

Keep in mind that there is no one size fits all approach.


Flexible Architecture

Do you have a large-scale space (stadium, airport, resort, etc.) where adding hardware isn’t viable?
Have you already committed to a camera based technology?
Do you need to track display interactions or add customer metadata, like gender and age, that electronic tracking doesn’t ‘see’?
Do you have a very small footprint store that demands absolute positional accuracy?

No problem, DM1 is an open system and can ingest data from existing wifi APs, cameras and/or app based tracking. We often blend technologies to get the best tracking for your specific needs.


Of course, data collection doesn’t end with the journey.


Data Integration

  • PoS
  • Staffing
  • Planograms
  • CRM
  • Digital analytics
  • Voice of Customer
  • Event Calendar
  • Weather

If you’re ready to start using customer journey data, drop us a line: