Customer Journey Alerting with People-Measurement

Customer Journey Alerting with People-Measurement

By Gary Angel


December 27, 2022

The Measurement Minute with Gary Angel

The Measurement Minute by Gary Angel


Customer Journey alerting can completely transform the experience of a physical space. Instead of waiting for a customer to seek out help, it actively looks for opportunities to use the available help most effectively. Common use cases include identifying customers who absolutely require assistance (unmanned support, locked cases, etc.), and identifying shoppers in high-value areas where sending an Associate might have an impact. It’s even possible to look for evidence that a customer is struggling to find or figure out something (like a ticketing machine in a train station) and proactively send help. Perhaps most dramatically, you can flip the alerting paradigm on its head and direct Associates to the customer with the highest need or potential value, transforming alerting into a fully dynamic allocation system.




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