Digital Mapping: The Foundation of People-Measurement and Crowd Analytics

Digital Mapping: The Foundation of People-Measurement and Crowd Analytics

By Gary Angel


April 6, 2023

For a people-measurement system, mapping is the engine that drives everything. It contextualizes the data, gives meaning to customer journeys and drives the most compelling analytic views.



People-measurement is all about solving real-world operational and customer journey problems. Like managing queues. Tracking usage and optimizing operations. Helping planners figure out optimal layout and display strategies. Even moving team members to the places where their needed most.


To do that, you need the data. And the data comes from camera, LiDAR and electronic sensors that anonymously track people movement in a location. It’s like a radar image that lets you follow each moving person through the space. But to make that movement meaningful, you need to map the location of each person to the space.


That mapping doesn’t just represent where someone was in X,Y coordinates, it represents what was there in the space. Was this men’s jeans or women’s? A premium line or a pre-check line? Was the customer on the Apple side of a display or the Samsung side?


Knowing all this drives the analytics and customer segmentation that let you optimize your business.


The mapping step is critical to everything. From playback of customer journeys to effective heatmapping, to useful path analysis and segmentation of journey types.


Our DM1 platform provides and incredibly flexible system for doing that digital mapping. You can quickly construct a business representation of the space at any level of detail – down to individual square feet. Any area of any size and shape can be mapped. And any type of location, from offices to stores to airports, museums and groceries can be mapped.


You can even have multiple maps of the same space – organized hierarchically or completely independent. You get full analytics on any and every area you map and for every map you create.


Even more important is that the same thing applies over time. Your space may change – if it’s a retail store, it may change a LOT. And that’s no problem. You can remap the space, attach the date the space changed, save every configuration historically, and seamlessly report both within AND across layout changes.


Flexible Digital Mapping is the foundation of our comprehensive real-time people-measurement system. It’s the glue that holds everything together and makes the DM1 platform uniquely flexible and powerful.


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