DM1 Realtime Pipeline for Crowd Analytics

DM1 Realtime Pipeline for Crowd Analytics

By Gary Angel


April 3, 2023

Digital Mortar’s DM1 realtime pipeline lets you measure what’s too crowded. Whether lines are  too long. If employees are in the right places. It’s all about what’s happening right now so you can make it better.



Using the right sensor technology is fundamental to accurate people measurement. We use advanced 3-D LiDAR sensors and the best stereoscopic cameras to track everyone in a space, twice every second, with a positional accuracy of a single square foot.


We refine that data with advanced ML. So you can consume the raw sensor feed at real-time, a basic cleaned feed within 2 seconds of realtime. And a fully cleaned feed with Associates identified about 15 seconds after realtime.


That data funnels into our incredibly flexible DM1 platform. Where you can map any and every area of interest, any queue, any zone, down to the square foot level across multiple maps with on the fly changes.


The track every queue – line length, wait time, stations open and historical performance – with flexible, customizable reporting right out of the box.


Ditto for every sub-area or zone in the location. See what’s slammed, what’s dead, whether Associates are in the right places. Right now.


Want to integrate line and usage information into public signage or apps? No problem. We provide a flexible public-view builder that lets you brand the information, present it in tables or cards, and incorporate it anywhere you please. No extra charge.


Want even more flexibility? Build your own presentation layer using our MQTT real-time feed taking advantage of our cleaning and smoothing to take all the hard parts out of your application development.


All packaged up with a simple, sensible price. Software platform licenses are $30 Dollars per month / per sensor for camera sensors, $50 Dollars per month / per sensor for LidAR sensors. It’s realtime people measurement that works.


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