Measuring Journeys from Outdoors to Indoors

Measuring Journeys from Outdoors to Indoors

By Gary Angel


January 19, 2023

The Measurement Minute with Gary Angel

The Measurement Minute by Gary Angel


One of our clients at Digital Mortar is a chain of gas/convenience stores measuring the full journey from pump to shop and back. What makes their use-case more compelling is that the stores are a significant upscale from your traditional gas convenience mart – with lots of more upscale food and coffee options. Those options likely increase the average ticket but also slow turnaround at the pump or in the lot – making measurement a great option for finding the optimal balance and tuning the indoor experience to maximize both dollars and efficiency. To measure the full journey, we need to measure from outside (the pump) to inside (the store) for each individual. Is that possible? You bet it is. And by combining multiple sensor types (LiDAR and Camera) not only is it possible, it’s efficient.





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