Occupancy Management : Accuracy is Everything

Occupancy Management : Accuracy is Everything

By Gary Angel


August 28, 2020

Occupancy management for colleges and universities

To re-open safely, you need to manage occupancy. And you need to prove you’re doing it responsibly. There are lots of door-counting solutions on the market. But how accurate are they?


This is a place where technologies matter enormously. There are three or four technologies that can be used to do door-counting and all of them will produce reasonably acceptable results for historical door-count analytics.


But reasonable historical accuracy isn’t good enough for Occupancy Management.


Suppose you’re counting solution is 96% accurate. That sounds pretty good, right? But if you get 1,200 people in on a Saturday, by the end of the day your occupancy might be off by almost 50 people. That’s NOT ACCEPTABLE.


It’s not safe and it’s not compliant.


And if you need to detail a person to monitor occupancy constantly, then what’s the point of having an automated solution? Without the accuracy to enable hands-off monitoring, you might as well not even bother.


In the vast majority of situations, stereoscopic camera is the most reliable and accurate people-counting technology. It’s the only technology we’ve tried that’s accurate enough for this application. But even within that technology segment, significant differences exist. And when it comes to Occupancy, they matter. To make this work as reliably as possible, you really need the best people-counting cameras.


The cameras we use deliver accuracy better than 99.5% and WE FURTHER TUNE THIS by custom processing the video feed. You can see the results.

Occupancy-Management-Performance Occupancy Management : Accuracy is Everything


With this kind of accuracy, you can rely on automated monitoring and alerting without dedicating a person. Heck, you’ll do better than a person typically will. And by pairing up this data collection with our Enterprise Door Counting platform (or our Google Analytics Integration) and our native iOS and Android Apps, you get an inexpensive, elegant, full-featured occupancy management solution.


Because while getting it right is what matters, getting it cheaply is nice too.


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