Occupancy, Queue and Crowd Analytics Alerting

Occupancy, Queue and Crowd Analytics Alerting

By Gary Angel


April 4, 2023

Digital Mortar’s DM1 realtime people measurement alerting lets you identify and act on operational, customer journey and security problems as they happen in your physical spaces.



This kind of alerting can transform the customer experience – changing the way people experience a space and making it feel proactive.


Using the right sensor technology is essential to getting the accurate, real-time people measurement necessary for useful alerting. We use advanced 3-D LiDAR sensors and the best stereoscopic cameras to track everyone in a space, twice every second, with a positional accuracy of a single square foot.


We refine that data with advanced ML. So you can consume the raw sensor feed at real-time, a basic cleaned feed within 2 seconds of realtime. And a fully cleaned feed with Associates (the red squares) identified about 15 seconds after realtime.


That data funnels into our incredibly flexible DM1 platform. Where you can map any and every area of interest, any queue, any zone, down to the square foot level across multiple maps with on the fly changes.


You can configure alerts based on any defined zone – from a single square foot to an entire store and across multiple aspects of the customer journey. From occupancy, to dwell times, to entering a zone, to STARs ratios and interactions. You can also configure how often an alert gets triggered and who to send it to.


And, of course, how to send it. You can view alerts in our DM1 platform, deliver them via email or use SMS. Or all three.


Want to integrate alerts into your own custom applications? No problem. You can build your own presentation layer using our MQTT real-time feed taking advantage of our data cleaning, associate identification, and full alerting engine to take all the hard parts out of your application development.


Real-time people-measurement alerting can dramatically improve location operations. You can monitor and manage lines. Allocate associates based on area occupancy. Manage maintenance dynamically. And when it comes to customer journey, real-time alerting can be transformative. A store can identify shoppers that need help, that are shopping a high-value area, are in front of locked display, or that are in the process of abandoning. A transit station can identify passengers struggling with ticket machines or directions. People get help and assistance when it’s most needed and before their experience goes south. This kind of generalized people-measurement alerting can also provide real security benefits, including perimeter intrusion detection, wrong-way walkers, door intrusions, even fast-movers. Combining analytics and security is a powerful way to maximize the ROI of your measurement investment.


To get started or find out more, drop us a line at sales@digitalmortar.com

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