People Measurement and Crowd Analytics Without the Wiring

People Measurement and Crowd Analytics Without the Wiring

By Gary Angel


April 11, 2023

If you’ve been put-off LiDAR-based people-measurement by the cost of pulling ethernet to every sensor, Digital Mortar has a solution.


People measurement is great. It solves real world problems like managing lines, monitoring operations and crowding, analyzing customer journeys to optimize experience and space usage, and making sure you have the right number of people doing the right things at every moment.


Getting all that starts with camera and LiDAR sensors that accurately and anonymously measure how people navigate a space. The data is mapped against a digital representation of the space, which drives monitoring and analytics that can really change the way your business works.


Here’s the rub. Even with the great coverage of LiDAR sensors, it takes a bunch to cover large spaces like airport terminals, train stations or public spaces. Typically, every sensor needs a home run to an IT closet housing the server running the perception software. That’s expensive, but it’s been your only choice.


Until now.


We’re re-architected the way sensors are deployed. We use LiDAR sensors that can be direct powered cabled directly to a small NUC (also direct powered) called the Node Processor. This manages the sensor and processes its data locally before passing it via WIFI to a powerful server in the IT Closet. No homeruns. Robust device management with cellular backup.


Here’s the key. The Node takes the huge amount of LiDAR point-cloud data and distills it into compact people-object data so it can be sent via WIFI and still achieve real-time measurement. That can’t be done with point clouds. The central processor can fuse that people-object information together to track customers across sensor boundaries for full-journey analytics.


It’s a great solution for really large spaces or locations where pulling cable can’t be done.


You get low-cost, easy implementations, full remote device management,  low WIFI Data usage, true real-time and you pair it all up with our DM1 solution – the best people-measurement platform in the world.


With DM1 you can do almost anything with the data: load up a full day of data and play it back, analyze behavior and usage, compare location performance, track KPIs, and analyze full customer journeys to see what drove success.


DM1 is a comprehensive solution that provides everything you need to do people measurement, understand customer behavior and integrate that understanding into actionable systems. It includes all the enterprise trimmings like rich configurability, full real-time feeds and event and metric level APIs, the choice of type and make of sensor best suited to your environment, and even the ability to go on-prem where necessary.


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