People Measurement and Full Journey Shopper Analytics for Retail

People Measurement and Full Journey Shopper Analytics for Retail

By Gary Angel


April 10, 2023

Measurement is a key competitive in todays world. After all, what’s the point of investing in your stores, building out new experiences and merchandising, and hiring more Associates if you don’t know worked and what didn’t?



With Digital Mortar’s DM1 shopper measurement platform, you get real-time data on the store. What’s happening right now. If queues are backed up. Which areas are slammed. And where you need more Associates


All of that behavior is accumulated across tens of thousands of visits. So you can see how shoppers navigate the store. Measure Traffic, engagement and conversion for every square foot, every display, every section, every department and every store. Run experiments and seamlessly capture what worked best. And track shoppers journeys across the entire store.


It all starts with people-measurement sensors. We use camera, electronics and LiDAR. Sensors anonymously track people’s movement – no PII ever. We map that movement data against a digital map of the store. And then help you explore and understand what it all means.


The foundation is accurate people-measurement. Regardless of the measurement system, DM1 improves and cleans the raw data to create the most accurate people-measurement possible. At the same time, it can identify Associates and Groups and do an individual level PoS Mapping.


The digital mapping contextualizes the resulting data. Digital Mortar builds the initial map of your store. Mapping every single square foot and defining every area of business interest. You can build multiple maps for a single store, hierarchically organize areas into sections, departments and other groups, and you can save and apply maps by date – so that analytics can seamlessly measure over years of data.


The PoS join works by first defining individual registers in your store. Then joining to your PoS data using register id and checkout time. That allows DM1 to tie specific checkouts to full shopper journeys. So you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.


And DM1 features an incredibly rich analytic platform. You can load up entire days and see exactly how the store worked. Use the analytic mapping to study any and every area down to single square feet for every metric collected. Easily compare different stores or the same store over time. Understand overall store performance and track changes over time. And study individual journeys, common paths, and the behavior of specific segments.


DM1 is a comprehensive shopper-measurement platform that takes you from raw sensor data to analytics, APIs and alerting. With all the enterprise trimmings baked in. It’s configurable at every level and every interface. It integrates easily with all your existing systems: from associate Apps to public signage to data lakes. It lets you choose the sensors that make the most sense for your environment – you can even mix and match in a single store and you can deploy on-premise or in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.


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