Please Don’t Ask Us This Question!

Please Don’t Ask Us This Question!

By Gary Angel


March 1, 2018

Digital Mortar DM1 Store Analytics full shopper path analysis

I had a sales conversation a little while back where the client told me they were looking to be able to “tell which direction someone went when they came through the door.” And I remember thinking – oh my god – that’s what you want to know? That is so basic. Because wouldn’t you really rather know where they actually went in the store not just their general compass direction at the door?


“We’ve got a shopper headed North by North East!”


But hey, knowing the detailed shopper path is legitimately interesting – at least when you can take those initial steps and see how each translates into actual destinations, shopping points, and conversions. Something that’s…well…interesting and actionable.


Back in November, we rolled out real-time tracking and store playback that let’s you time-lapse the store and track actual shopper paths through the store. It’s a great visual way to understand where people head when they come through the door AND where they end up.



Now, in our most recent incremental release, we’ve added a FULL PATH store visualization tool. Every path, any level of detail. Measured by raw foot traffic or level of engagement. So yeah, you can see where people headed as they walked through the door. And you can see every place they ended up. And which paths actually engaged shoppers and which paths had the highest conversion rate. By segment. During any day-time part. For any date range. Just like all the other incredible reports in DM1.


Which I think is a little better than knowing “which direction shoppers turned when they came through the door.”

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