Queue Management for Retail

Queue Management for Retail

By Gary Angel


April 17, 2023

Our DM1 platform is designed to track shopper journeys from the moment someone comes into the store till the time they leave. This kind of full-journey tracking is incredibly rich from an analytics perspective. It lets you understand how navigation, browsing, display and associates all combine to drive experience and sales. But let’s face it, it’s expensive to do full-journey tracking because you need people-measurement sensor coverage across the entire area. That means that most companies that implement full-journey tracking limit it to a small subset of locations used to drive experimentation.


Experimentation and extrapolation work for a great many things, but they don’t work for managing operational tasks like queue management or dynamic associate allocation. That’s why we’ve split off a subsection of our DM1 functionality focused on realtime monitoring and queue management and made it available as a targeted product offering to retailers.


This simple, inexpensive and easy to implement solution for retail-based queue management brings state-of-the-art queue management to your stores. It features real-time monitoring, alerting, easy integration to digital signage and apps, and (of course) powerful analytics. And because most queues can be covered with a single sensor (camera for smaller queues / LiDAR for larger ones), it’s remarkably easy to implement. It’s built to handle any type of queue, from snake lines to multiple lines to self-checkout. You can even measure and monitor drive-throughs.


  • Realtime monitoring of the queue area
  • Built-in Line Length & Estimated Wait Time statistics
  • Automated monitoring of open stations
  • Supports any type of queue (snake, individual, self, drive-through)
  • Full real-time feed (including calculated metrics) for integration
  • Full historical data
  • Rich queue reporting and analytics
  • Group detection and handling
  • Camera or LiDAR
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud / Minimal IT effort


The software is only $50/month per sensor supported (quantity 1) – making it incredibly inexpensive to test and to rollout in quantity.


If you’d like to put sophisticated, real-time queue management in your stores, drop us a line…sales@digitalmortar.com

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