Understanding DM1: Digital Mortar’s Full-Journey People Measurement and Crowd Analytics Platform

Understanding DM1: Digital Mortar’s Full-Journey People Measurement and Crowd Analytics Platform

By Gary Angel


April 14, 2023

Digital Mortar’s DM1 Full Journey Analytics can transform the way you understand, monitor and optimize physical spaces.



The people measurement it provides solves real world problems like managing lines, monitoring operations and crowding, analyzing customer journeys to optimize experience and space usage, and making sure you have the right number of people doing the right things at every moment.


People Measurement starts with camera and LiDAR sensors that accurately and anonymously measure how people navigate a space. The data is mapped against a digital representation of the space. Which drives monitoring and analytics.


The digital mapping is the foundation of all DM1’s analytics. You can map any kind of space down the square foot level. You can map any kind of area, change and track maps over time, and get full analytics on anything you map.


The system uses those maps to track where people are in real-time. To understand how busy lines are. To monitor crowding and usage of key areas. And to deliver alerts to managers and staff letting them know what’s happening and what to tackle.


Retailers can even join PoS data to individual journeys, letting them track what people looked at to what they bought and what they didn’t.


For any location DM1 can load up a full day of data and play it back. It can analyze behavior and usage, compare location performance, track KPIs, and analyze full customer journeys to help you discover what drove success.


DM1 is a comprehensive solution, providing everything you need to do people measurement, understand customer behavior and integrate that understanding into actionable systems. It comes with all the enterprise trimmings including rich configurability, full real-time feeds and event and metric level apis, the choice of type and make of sensor best suited to your environment, and even the ability to go on-prem where necessary.


To find out more, drop us a line. At sales@digitalmortar.com

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