Wither In-Store Measurement

Wither In-Store Measurement

By Gary Angel


January 13, 2022

Store Heatmaps

An Overview of In-Store Shopper Measurement from Applied Marketing Analytics


Abstract: As organizations evolve, they want a more comprehensive view of customer behavior. While digital channels are easily measured and have been studied extensively, for retailers with a physical presence, the store is  a black box: retailers know how many customers they have going in and what sales are coming out the other side, but what happens in between has been a mystery. However, improvements in both technology and analytics are shining fresh light on in-store activity. This paper describes recent advances in technology for monitoring in-store journeys and how such advances have enabled people-movement data to be used in more sophisticated ways, despite privacy limitations.


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Keywords: shopper analytics, store analytics, full-journey measurement, shopper measurement, store optimization, customer experience

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