Real-time People Counting

Real-time People Counting

By Gary Angel


August 25, 2020

Door Counting Analytics

Most people-counting software on the market lives firmly in the batch world. And that’s okay. For many analytics purposes, you need to know what’s happened over days, weeks or months. Knowing what happened in the last 10 minutes or 10 hours is often too little data to form interesting analytic patterns.


On the other hand, if you DO need to know what’s happening right now, all that batch mode analytics doesn’t do you a whit of good.


Digital Mortar’s People Counting products both deliver real-time. Our full-featured Door Counting product not only provides years of historical data down to a 10 minute granularity, it can update your locations counts in real-time.


Similarly, our very inexpensive Google Analytics solution comes with it’s own pretty impressive real-time capabilities.


One of the many compelling features of Google Analytics is the baked-in real-time capability. Google Analytics in both its Web and Mobile App versions delivers real-time reporting.


Of course, GA is designed to measure Websites not stores. And that has some implications. When you connect to a Website, you ask for a page and then go away. The web site doesn’t know if you’re reading the page of left long ago to look at something else. So for Websites, occupancy is a theoretical kind of construct. Websites measure visits and they keep a visit active as long as the user has requested a page fairly recently.


This isn’t the way stores work at all. But here’s where our technology and processing come in. With cameras, we measure exits as explicitly as we measure entrances. So we know when a person has left the store just like we know when they entered. We don’t have to rely on an implicit timeout to measure an exit.


So when we send data to Google, we use special parameters to notify GA that a visit has ended. This makes for better Occupancy reporting and lets GA more accurately measure average time in store.


In real-time.


That’s pretty cool. And it lets you get one of the most powerful and expensive people-counting capabilities even in our least expensive occupancy management and door counting solution.

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