Advanced Queue Management – Going Beyond Occupancy

Advanced Queue Management – Going Beyond Occupancy

By Gary Angel


September 10, 2020

Queue Management

What’s the next step beyond Occupancy Management? Queue Management.


Not only are long lines a legitimate safety concern, limits on occupancy and basic safe distancing protocols have combined to make queues worse than ever. And when a bad line is the last thing your customer’s experience, it has a marked effect on satisfaction. With increasing digital shift, that’s something no retailer can afford.


With advanced people-measurement technology, you have a tool that can help. Detailed measurement of queue performance creates a host of optimization opportunities. You can measure how peaks evolve, how different day-time parts play out, how different line strategies and line teams impact queue times, you can even measure the impact of weather.


All of this is driven by the same people-measurement technologies that are used to measure occupancy or optimize merchandising display. State-of-the-art video cameras provide remarkable accuracy (99.5%+) in people identification and high positional accuracy (down to <1 foot) as well. That makes it possible for our advanced Machine Learning algorithms to assess line times, understand line groupings, and provide highly-accurate line measurement across a wide-range of metrics and KPIs.


These technologies can deployed across a wide variety of environments: from traditional cash-wraps to stadium concessions to university dining halls. Even outdoors.


But better measurement and analytics is just the starting point of improved queue management. With measurement comes the ability to execute test & learn strategies that help drive on-the-ground improvement. With highly accurate measurement in your pocket, you can even test in slower times and be confident you understand how the test will extrapolate to peak times.


That’s a significant operational win.


Even better, we provide a host of tools that help you operationalize queue management in new and exciting ways. Our gamification modules let your teams compete against their own best performance and against other teams. It’s a way to bring fun competition to daily operational performance.


Public views of queue times are another powerful tool – letting your customers, fans or students know exactly what to expect in terms of line wait and helping them crowd-shift to the best alternative.


And since proactive is always better than reactive, we provide predictive queue times – which allow your managers to allocate staff and improve performance. They don’t have to wait for lines to form before changing setups. By integrating Occupancy and Queue Management, we can let managers know what the line environment will be like in 5, 10 or 30 minutes time.


Best of all, advanced queue management can encompass our Q-Me SMS solution that provides a seamless virtual queuing system that takes advantage of basic queue management analytics to let customers save a virtual line spot and get notifications of when to come it. It’s a complete virtual queuing and reservation system driven by our cloud solutions and SMS. No App required. It’s a way to take all the problems Covid has created and build an operational system that actually makes things better than they were before.


Find out more about Advanced Queue Management.

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