The Moving Parts of Store Behavioral Analytics

Store analytics is digital analytics (with a heck of a lot more moving parts). Customer behavioral analytics in digital and physical places are not distinctly different. A customer enters the digital/physical space. He/she are presented with a number of paths. [...]

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Measuring Public Spaces: Customer Journey Tracking in Airports and other Public Venues

For this last stop in my whirlwind tour of customer journey tracking outside retail, I picked airports as a prototypical example of a public space. Airports are large, complex spaces with key chokepoints, broad wifi-coverage, and an interest in purely [...]

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Get your analytics BLISS on: Customer Journey Tracking in Hospitality

Ah to be at a resort. And not just for the sun, the swimming, the beaches and the drinking…it’s the measurement opportunities that really appeal. When it comes to physical journey measurement, resorts have it all. Large, complex physical spaces [...]

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Ground Zero in the Retail Apocalypse: Malls and Mall Analytics

Overbuilt. Underused. Under-siege. Mall traffic has declined precipitously in the last decade and the need to aggressively drive traffic via better experience is a matter of plain survival. That need for traffic has led to dramatic changes in the way [...]

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