It’s all about the Store: Visualizing In-Store Customer Journey Data

Making sense of behavioral data is always a challenge. Suppose I tell you that a shopper visited your store, spent fourteen minutes, lingered twice and had a single Associate interaction. That’s a lot of data, but in most respects, it’s [...]

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Measuring the Store Effectively: Digital Mortar is creating a Measurement Language for Stores

Driving real value with analytics is much harder than people assume. Doing it well requires solving two separate, equally thorny problems. The first – fairly obvious problem – is being able to use data to deepen your understanding of important [...]

From Baby Toy to Power Tool: Segmentation is the Key Difference in DM1

The equation in retail today is simple. Evolve or die. But if analytics is one of the core tools to drive successful  evolution, we have a problem. From an analytics perspective, we’re used to a certain view of the store. [...]

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Change or Die: Lessons from the Retail Apocalypse

In my last three posts, I assessed the basic technologies (wifi, camera, etc.) for in-store customer measurement and took a good hard look at the state of the analytics platforms using that measurement. My conclusion? The technologies are challenging but, [...]

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